The Stumpster™ Stump Grinder 4000 Series
Don’t get stumped.
Clear any stump, anywhere in the US.

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The New 4000 Series Stumpster™ is designed for long service life as a high performance stump grinder, just like its predecessor the Stumpster Model 3000-4. It is possible to grind stumps of any size or type of wood.

Our new model has all the same qualities as our model 3000-4, but it features a newly designed wheel. The cutting bits are positioned for cutting in both the forward and the return motion.

Specifications have been improved for better performance and quicker results.

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Operating RPM (PTO) 540-750
Min. PTO H.P. 40
Max PTO H.P. 125
Operating RPM (PTO) 540-750
Max. Cutting Wheel Clearance Varies with Tractor
Max. Horizontal Cut 30″
Max. Cutting Depth 11.5″
Max Cutting Width 29.5″
Cutting Bits 26
Weight 990 lbs.
Cutting Wheel Diameter 7/8″ x 32″
3 Point Hitch Category 2

U.S. PATENT #4,530,385 & 4,681,145




IMPORTANT sizing information

Read these instructions before installing the PTO drive shaft. 

PTO drive shafts come from the factory long enough to fit all size and type tractors with a 6 spline shaft. On many tractors, the drive shaft will be too long as it comes from the factory. Too long a PTO drive shaft may cause serious damage to the tractor or stump grinder. For proper sizing of the PTO shaft, follow these simple steps:

  1. Collapse the PTO drive shaft to its shortest possible length. Measure from the center of the 3/8″ set screw to the center of the PTO latch pin on the opposite end of the shaft. [For our example – 34″]
  2. With the Stumpster attached, lift the 3 pt. hitch to its maximum up position. Measure from the latch pin groove on the tractor PTO to the set screw indentation on the Stumpster cutting wheel shaft. [For our example – 30″]
  3. If the PTO shaft measurement [Eexample – 34″] is longer than the tractor to stump grinder measurement [Eexample – 30″], the PTO shaft should be pulled apart to two pieces, and the difference of the measurements cut off each half.


  34″ PTO shaft collapsed measurement
-30″ Tractor to shear bolt measurement
  4″ Amount to cut off each half of the PTO shaft