Pair your tractor with the Tree Hog, the highest quality tree cutter and stump remover on the market.

Image showing the Tree Hog tree cutter blade and the tree cutter in operation

Clear trees, stumps,  brush, and even fence posts – so you can make the best of your land.

  • Cut More: The Tree Hog fells trees up to 20″ in diameter in a single cut. 
  • Superior Control: 7′ hydraulically operated pusher for directional felling.
  • Total Leveling: Cuts trees off 1″ below ground level.
  • Multipurpose: Pusher bar removes easily to create a low profile cutter for clearing fence lines and hedge rows.
  • No More Stumps: Quickly and easily cuts existing stumps 1″ below ground level, or will grind any size stump of any type wood to 1″ below ground level.

Why the tree hog?

Superior performance and value

Unparalleled power and directional control

Quality American made construction

Stability, safety, and reliability

Manufacturer guaranteed!

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  • Rugged steel frame for long service life.
  • Heavy duty cutting wheel: A 40″ or 48″ diameter wheel of 3/4″ A-36 steel plate. 
  • Carbide cutting bits will remove hundreds of trees between re-sharpening. Easily and quickly exchanged, replaced, or sharpened.
  • Extra-heavy gear box is designed to withstand the punishment of continuous commercial tree cutting.
  • Double acting tie rod cylinders rated for 2500 PSI.


  • Smooth operation: Hydraulically fed cutting wheel assures a well-controlled and non-violent cut into trees or stumps.
  • Heavy steel skirts prevent flying chips and debris.
  • The entire cutting wheel is contained within a shroud when not cutting.
  • Limiter clutch protects entire drive system.
  • Hydraulically controlled pusher bar assists in directional felling.


Diagram of the Tree Hog tree cutter with features numbered


1.) Hydraulic cylinders move wheel out to cut stumps for smooth, controlled operation.

2.) Hydraulically operated pusher bar assists felling of a tree. Removes easily for cutting under fence lines or hedge rows.

3.) Four friction disc limiter clutches protect machinery and tractor.

4.) Rugged 3″ x 3″ x 1/4″ wall square tube steel frame.

5.) Extra heavy duty gear box rating at 75 or 120 H.P.; suited for commercial users.

6.) 40 x 3/4″ Plate or 48″ x 3/4″ plate steel wheel is hydraulically fed into tree for a smooth, well controlled cut and retracts into shroud for safety.

7.) Heavy welded steel skirts enclose wheel and prevent flying debris.

8.) Adjustable skids for cutting heights.

two models available


The original Tree Hog


FOB Houston


New and improved model


FOB Houston


 Tree Hog 40*Tree Hog 48
Operating RPM (PTO)540540
Min. PTO H.P.4085
Cutting Capacity1″ below ground level1″ below ground level
Gear Box75 H.P.120 H.P.
Thee Point Hitch CategoryCategory 1 & 2Category 2
Cutting Depth (Single Cut)
Max. Stump RemovalAny SizeAny Size
Cutting Bits10 (Carbide)
Bolt on – can be re-sharpened
10 (Carbide)
Bolt on – can be re-sharpened
Cutting Wheel41″ dia. x 3/4″ plate48″ dia. x 3/4″ plate
Weight 1150 lbs.1550 lbs.

*Ask about our high torque versions of Tree Hog 40 for tractors under 50 HP.

Warning: Do not cut trees without adequate Over Driver Protection from falling limbs or “fallback” of trees.

quality guarantee

The Tree Hog is the best choice for your bottom line, and it carries a factory warranty. We are an OEM company selling directly to consumers, saving you money. We manufacture extremely reliable equipment that requires very little maintenance. Every piece we produce is high quality and equipped with features to assure the protection of your equipment and tractor, regardless of the tractor horsepower or hydraulic output. These include pressure regulating valves and power takeoff shafts, having a factory set, fully enclosed friction disk clutch. All machines leave our facilities fully greased and lubricated.

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