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The Stumpster Co.
7200 Long Drive
Houston, Texas

Operating RPM (PTO) 540 - 750
Min. PTO H.P. 22
Max. PTO H.P. 90
Max. Cutting Wheel Clearance Varies with Tractor
Max. Horizontal Cut 24"
Max. Cutting Depth 8.5
Max. Cutting Width 23.5
Cutting Bits 19
Weight 760 lbs

*$6,995 FOB Houston



Rugged steel frame for long life.

Heavy duty main cutting wheel bearing means long service life.

Three front and rear pillow bearings to insure durability and smooth operations.

Each grinder is shipped with a preset non-adjustable clutch assembly in the PTO drive line, this assures a maximum working torque desired for the machine and eliminates "shock" to the tractor PTO assembly. Worn clutch pads are easily replaced, inexpensive, requiring no special skills or tools to change.

Double acting tie rod design of hydraulic cylinders enable them to be used in heavy duty application, 2500 PSI working pressure, polyurethane rod wiper, cast malleable rod clevis, automotive type lock-nuts to retain piston on piston rod. Each machine is equipped with 4 hydraulic cylinders.


LOW PRESSURE Hydraulic Pressure Relief System built in each machine, regulates operating pressures for smooth safe grinding regardless of pressure system built in tractor.

WELL ENGINEERED Limiter Clutch and Drive Shaft furnished with each machine. Grinder cannot be overpowered by tractor regardless of horse power.

SAFETY 1/4" Lexan Shield installed on each machine for operator safety.

RUGGED Frame constructed of .250 wall 1040 steel.

PRODUCTIVE Very little or no down time of machine. Simple design eliminates breakdown and keeps machine in the field working.


Ideal for use in landscaping, nurseries, farming, construction and utility company application.

Easy mount to tractor 3 point hitch.

Two lever control provides smooth operations, one lever control activates cutting wheel movement through stump and return. Second hydraulic lever regulates rear stabilizers. Depth control lever of tractor regulates depth of cut into stump.

Double bypass valve regulates hydraulic pressure from tractor, maintaining PTO RPM and prevents excessive torque of tractor PTO, regardless of pressure in tractor hydraulic system.

Equipment stands permit quick off-on tractor 3 point hookup. Stands lock in up working position when grinding: down position when storage.

U.S. PATENT #4,530,385 & 4,681,145


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